How can depression be treated?

The decision which measures are required for the treatment of depression depends on the individual symptoms of the patient and the severity of the depressive disorder.

Mild depression

In an initial, mild depressive episode sometimes some changes in the way the patient deals with everyday hassles, such as increasing the level of social activity, acquiring stress management techniques and relaxation techniques may be helpful.

Moderate depression

For the treatment of moderately severe depressive episodes as well as for the treatment of repeated mild episodes of depression professional help should be sought, such as psychotherapy or pharmacological treatment. Various psychological techniques to treat depression have been developed, the best known are the so-called cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and the psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapy (psychodynamic psychotherapy).

Severe depression

In severe depression, the combination of antidepressant drugs and psychotherapy may be appropriate to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Dr. Sandra Elze & Dr. Michael Elze